Possum Removal in Melbourne

We can quote to fix and block entry points and then use our one way exit system to remove those pesskee possums in your roof.

If you have noise coming from wall, ceilings, stained ceiling, smell emitting in a certain room, we are able to identify the source and block all entry points. We have the knowledge and ability to remove unwanted possums from your roof anywhere in Melbourne, in a humble and professional manner.

We offer a “One Call Only”  to remove those pesskee possums and block all entry points in your roof to prevent them from entering. We will offer you an on time professional service to remove those unwanted pests.

Our Services

  • Possum removal
  • Possum entry points blocked

Our Method & Warranty

  • One way exit system used on the removal of animals
  • We offer a 12 month warranty
  • Don’t lose another night’s sleep over those pesskee possums.

Why use us?

Because we can offer a one call only to remove those pesskee possums and block entry points in your home and business.

Pesskee Possums is a sub division of Realistic Roofing. We have the experience and knowledge of the structures of different roof types to; efficiently, safely and securely remove possums so that those pesskee possums will not bother you again.

Visit the Pesskee Possum Website… 

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